Getting your ducks in a row before you make a move is the best way to start a new project. Understanding possible conditions , whether likeable or not, is the best rout toward to profit. This obvious fact is also an indicator that a company is paying attention and ready to capitalize on an opportunity. When an investor can recognize a company following this rout, they may have well found a solid profit opportunity.

Strata Oil and Gas Inc., a junior oil and gas development company, works to develop all mineral opportunities but primarily carbon-hosted Bitumen oil deposits. Its current project is located in the Peace River region of Alberta, Canada where it is 100% lease owner of approximately 122,000 acres of land.

From all indications, and extensive testing on its initial tracts, the company does appear to have found extensive deposits and be on the verge of production. In this particular type of exploration and development, there are many ways to extract product from reserves. The real issue, in terms of getting product from the ground, is what is the best extraction method for the given site conditions and material composition. In this regard, the company has been going about determining the extraction process in a very calculated way. The process decided upon will be the most efficient and cost effective, but points to management and the way that it approaches the tasks that it encounters as it operates. Working in the commodities sector is all about costs. In this regard, it does seem that the company is very together and oriented toward optimum profit maximization in all it does, which should not ignored.

At current independent estimates, the project currently under development has a discounted present value of $1.2 billion (56,000 bpd at peak production) over a 20 year life expectancy. This, however, is for the current tracts under consideration with more opportunity possible within the same lease. Cyclic steam simulation has been chosen for the extraction process generally because this system tests as the most efficient process for given conditions. As suggested, however, the company is very open to new forms of technology which may better suit conditions and reduce overall costs.

Strata Oil & Gas Inc. looks to be on the verge of beginning to produce product in a known region for oil and gas. It appears to be a well run operation sitting on an independently tested tract. Nothing is ever certain but Strata looks to become a solid oil and gas company as it brings its current reserves online and begins to develop other parcels within its lease.