Strategic American Oil Corp., an exploration and production company with operations in Texas, Louisiana, and Illinois, draws upon an internationally recognized team of geologists, engineers, and executives, with the objective of identifying and acquiring high potential oil and gas projects, and developing them to their full potential.

To do this, SGCA has come up with and implemented a 3-tier growth program:

• Develop salable drilling prospects, retaining a carried interest to casing point
• Drill offset wells, retaining a majority of the working interest
• Develop secondary recovery (waterflood) projects
• Increase production by reworking existing producing or previously producing wells
• Develop proven undeveloped zones (behind pipes) in existing wells
• Acquire currently producing oil and gas wells
• Complete 3D seismic projects, and acquire 3D data where warranted and available

The company plans to leverage its expertise in 3D seismic and historic data evaluation to identify new and existing wells with development potential. This advanced technology allows the company to minimize exploration costs by clearly defining the geological structures before drilling.

SGCA has already identified and acquired working interests in several projects in Texas, Illinois, and Louisiana, among others, and is currently developing working relationships with well-established oil and gas companies. By so doing, the company will reduce its risk and exploration costs, while increasing exposure to new projects.

With the stabilization of the international economy, there has been an increase in demand for energy commodities, resulting in strengthening oil and gas prices. Furthermore, OPEC and international production has been decreasing, and there has been political instability in oil rich countries. At the same time, interest rates are at record lows, and restructured economies are beginning to pick up. All of these elements have helped oil and gas prices, and have opened up opportunities for the profitable use of advanced technologies and careful partnering by SGCA.