LNG Export Opportunities - The Strategies and Challenges for North American Gas Export

LNG export from North America has been moved to the forefront of the latest global gas industry developments. Cheniere's recent groundbreaking sales purchase agreements - the first of their kind - have been quickly followed by other agreements in the United States and Canada. LNG export in North America is now a tangible reality and is poised for significant commercial success.

Aside from the much-publicized Sabine Pass agreements, a number of other promising projects are underway along the East, West, and Gulf coastlines of the US: Kitimat and Coos Bay have received approvals and are moving ahead swiftly with progress on LNG exports. Shell has also announced its own plans for export capacity in Canada in recent weeks; and North American gas producers are now focusing heavily on export as a key part of their strategy to maximize commercial benefit from domestic production.

These projects are developing rapidly to take advantage of short term spot market opportunities, whilst also relying on the establishment of longer width=300term arrangements as a foundation for sustainable commerciality - huge consuming regions including Asia and Europe are extremely interested buyers and are actively talking with a number of suppliers and terminals.

The LNG Export Forum will focus on these issues and more and give delegates a unique insight into the huge commercial opportunities for North American LNG export. Forum highlights include:

An international meeting of the top Asian Pacific and European buyers who will disclose the key criteria they look for when choosing export partners Uncover how Cheniere's trail-blazing agreements have paved the way for the future growth of the North American export market Explore the current export projects in North America - the developments, the strategic and commercial challenges they are facing and their future plans An inside view on reconfiguring import facilities into export terminals: technical applications, FEED Studies, assessments, timelines, capital costs and more Findings for existing project finance deals for LNG export in North America and how they might influence future agreements Hear from North American policy makers on how they are working to support LNG Export without causing political backlash



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