Though the broader market took a tumble in today's trading, Stratos Renewables Corp. (SRNW.OB) maintained its share price, surviving Wall Street's fall after Treasure Secretary Timothy Geithner unveiled the new plan for the drowning financial sector.

The $838 billion recovery package moved through the Senate in a 61 to 37 vote, $546 billion of which is for spending measures. The package includes $2.4 billion for technology associated with coal-fired power plants. What the package doesn't include is funding for the advancement of renewable and alternative energy, a topic that was once widely discussed by the new administration.

This might sound like a knock to the green parade, but even as the government moves forward with its clean coal initiatives, renewable and alternative energy solutions are still integral to the future of our nation's dependence and will make the headlines when the fire dies down.

Stratos Renewables has committed to creating long-term growth through expansion strategies to minimize commodity price volatility and to produce high sugarcane yields. The development-stage company plans to utilize Peru's ideal climatic and geographical location to establish an ethanol sugarcane project focused on producing a clean burning, high-octane biofuel.

Sugarcane ethanol can be integrated into gasoline supply to reduce oil consumption and minimize emissions that contribute to global warming. The company's business strategy allows for long-term sustainable growth. While we all clutch our wallets and scramble to keep our portfolio from devastation, green energy shouldn't be dismissed as a play with no potential.

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