Stratos Renewables Corp. (SRNW.OB) is a developmental-stage company securing its niche in the renewable energy market, positioning itself to emerge as one of the lowest-cost sugarcane ethanol producers in the world. The company recognizes the monetary and environmental benefits sugarcane has over corn and other feedstocks, and is laying the ground work for a multi-phase business plan to carry out its near and long-term goals.

The company's business strategy revolves around a qualified management team of experienced and varied professionals. As the company moves forward with its plans to develop mills and distilleries in Peru, its success will depend on experienced guidance.

In October 2008, Stratos announced company President Tom Snyder's appointment as its new CEO. Snyder has overseen more than 40 complex industrial projects, including fertilizer, ammonia, oil and gas, and petro-chemical facilities. He has raised more than $2 billion of equity and project funding, and is seasoned in joint-venture management with governments, banks, insurance companies, OPIC and global investment groups.

This is a company founded on the belief that sugarcane ethanol is today's most viable solution to the growing international oil shortage and the need for cleaner burning replacements for gasoline. We will continue the substantial efforts of Stratos' founders and look forward to continuing to execute our large scale Greenfield project in Peru, Snyder previously stated in a press release.

Snyder's confidence in the renewable energy market, and especially sugarcane-based ethanol, should enable him to maneuver the company toward its goals and through economic obstacles.

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