California-based Stratos Renewables Corp. (SRNW.OB) focuses on integrated sugarcane ethanol production in South America. The development-stage company is designing a strategy to develop a project in Peru, which includes the production, processing and distribution of sugarcane ethanol.

The company leverages its strategy on the fact that while the United States has 3 percent of the world's oil supply, it consumes 25 percent. Aside from the volatile pricing, supply and demand of oil, alternative energy is gaining ground and advocates as more people hit the unemployment lines and concern over the nation's energy supply increases. Green jobs are expected to provide relief to the broken workforce and to cut the lines of energy dependence on foreign sources, which will help push initiatives, funding and legislation for renewable energy through the new U.S. administration.

While Stratos Renewables' project will be based in Peru, the company is laying the blueprints to fulfill its mission of becoming one of the lowest cost sugarcane-based ethanol operations in the world. The location of the project is key to the company's success in the renewable energy market. Peru boasts superior climate for sugarcane harvest, a solid export location relative to the United States, and a free-trade agreement with the United States and Canada.

While Main Street battles Wall Street, alternative energy companies such as Stratos Renewables have the upper hand in the cultural, economic and environmental shifts the entire world will soon recognize and respond to.

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