Stratos Renewables Corp. (SRNW.OB) shares fell 11% in today's trading, caught in the wake of the broader market as Wall Street takes another day of losses. Still, there's reason to believe shares will be among the first to bounce back.

In Colorado, state executives are optimistic of President Obama's new stimulus package, which is expected to generate a boost for the state's renewable energy companies. While Stratos' Peruvian operation is far more than a stone's toss from Colorado, the energy, support and publicity of renewable energy is sure to rise, boosting investor confidence in the alternative energy industry.

Though the stimulus package is expected to benefit the solar industry the most, it is still a breath of fresh air for the entire alternative energy market, which has seemingly been put on the backburner in light of the deepening economic woes and financial fraud.

But in the background, Stratos continues to move forward with its plans to expand and relocate its Estrella del Norte mill and distillery in Peru in its attempt to become the global leader in low cost, high-yield sugarcane-based ethanol production.

The company is taking an innovative approach to launching operations, utilizing Peru's ideally located ports and underground aquifers for irrigation of its sugarcane fields. When investors regain their footing and place their investments in long-term plays, Stratos may be on the receiving end.

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