From the few gameplay videos released, it seemed like “Street Fighter V” would continue keeping the provocative and titillating imagery that have been a part of past games in the popular Capcom series. However, it seems like the publisher is trying to do something different, as a recent build of the game has shown that some of the more risqué moves have been toned down.

One of the more provocative moves of the game came from R. Mika, whose outfit was already pretty revealing. Her original finishing involved a German Suplex, a butt related tag team move and a controversial butt slap. Shoryuken noticed that the most recent footage of the game still has the same move, but completely removes the butt slap all together.

This isn’t the only thing that has been toned down, as the entrance of “Street Fighter” regular Cammy has also been altered. Eurogamer stated that her original entrance had the camera zoom in on her crotch area, while the most updated build of the game keeps the crotch off screen.

It should be noted that both Cammy and R. Mika still have their revealing costumes. This isn’t much of a surprise since these have been their costumes since they first appeared in the franchise. The alterations seem to only affect the camera angles and the finishing moves.

Another big change made was the removal of the game’s, for the lack of a better term, breast physics. A previous build of the game had the breasts of female characters jiggle during the character select screen, but the most recent build has removed this as well.

The censorship has sparked a debate between gamers, some praising the changes made, while others have found it unnecessary. That being said, a number of gamers have agreed that the altered entrance of Cammy has led to some awkward camera angles, which can still be changed given that the game is still in development.

It will be interesting to see what else Capcom decides to alter before “Street Fighter V” comes out next year. The game will only be available on the PS4 and PC, with a special pre-order bonus that comes with special costumes and other extras.

R. Mika Censored?! - Street Fighter V (Credit: YouTube/ThisVideoAnnoyedMe)