Modern civilization has changed into a fast-paced, demanding, technologically advanced society. In this type of on-the-go society, automated and computerized services have entered into people’s everyday lives and become part of their daily routine activities. On-the-go ‘express services’ have developed into a “necessity” for many people.

The high intensity and stress of everyday life has resulted in millions of people that need to unwind and relax. But the problem is that many people do not have the time to relax. This had led to a growing demand for services such as relaxation devices that can be found at convenient locations – health club, home, office, shopping mall, etc.

One company tapping into this growing demand is Simulated Environment Concept Inc. with their SpaCapsule product. The SpaCapsule is an award-winning automated hydro-massage device that can efficiently relax and rejuvenate a stressed-out person anytime and anywhere. The device uses advanced, modern materials and time-tested healing methods of massage, aromatherapy and audiovisual relaxation techniques to produce the most progressive, ergonomically sound relaxation device on the planet. In fact, the SpaCapsule is the only device of its kind that is designed and endorsed by doctors!

The SpaCapsule is a care-free device that can be placed into many establishments including health clubs, hotels, tanning salons, corporate gyms, etc. The SpaCapsule requires no licensing and needs little space, maintenance or supervision to operate. In addition, it is easy to set-up and install and its works on standard electric power. A big selling point for many people is that this ‘mobile masseuse’ involves no messy oils, no undressing or touching from strangers.

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