American dollar started the week's trades with higher rates against major currencies amid the worries over European debt crisis especially with the approach of Spanish bond auction that may carry a lot of bad news about European region.

Where the Euro fell to lowest in month against Dollar to reach 1.3019 with low of 1.3008.

From another side, each of Australian dollar and New Zealand's dollar slipped against American Dollar amid the persistence of risk aversion by investors which negatively affected on Asian stocks, despite the announcement of the People Bank Of China of doubling the trade zone for Yuan.

AUD/USD pair fell near the lowest in four sessions to be traded at 1.0312 with low of 1.0310, while the opening was 1.0337 and a high at 1.0348.

NZD/USD pair keeps declining for the third straight session, to record a low of 0.8189 after opening at 0.8212 and high of 0.8218.

USD/JPY pair witnessed a weaker demand to be trade at 80.85 without determines any method of trades.