Karol Kaczmarczyk is studying a Masters in Economics and Management of Innovation and Technologies at Bocconi University. He speaks to Topgradschool.com about his experience.


Karol Kaczmarczyk had to decide early on where he wanted to study for his Masters degree - selection was taking place before he graduated with his bachelors. I decided to stay at Bocconi for my Masters because I knew the school and I liked the Masters program. The MSc in Economics and Management of Innovation and Technologies was an innovative program, he says.

Originally from Poland, Karol says his Masters program has prepared him for positions such as a business analyst, researcher or consultant. I've acquired international experience, learnt statistical multivariate analysis using SAS software, gained a profound understanding of innovation processes and realised the importance of it for sustainable growth quest. I've also developed entrepreneurial skills and financial analysis. A Masters helps your preferences and interests mature so that you do not need to make things up during an interview when asked for motivation. It also gives you more specific and practical tools to do the job you're looking for.

His advice for anyone considering a graduate degree is to know exactly what the courses are before choosing a program. Many students make a choice based on assumptions and find out that it is far from what they expected when it is too late, Karol says. Remember that a good graduate program at a top school justifies a premium on the job market and eases the entry-level competition. A sole reputation however, is insufficient. Although entry-level implies little or no experience, the competition has made some well-defined practical skills indispensable for a successful job interview.