Hyewon Park studied a Masters in Marketing and Strategy at University of Warwick. She speaks with Topgradschool.com about her experience.


For international students who want to pursue a career in the UK, studying for a Masters degree will boost their employability, says Hyewon Park. The Korean student is speaking from experience. After graduating with a Masters in Marketing and Strategy from the University of Warwick in the UK, Hyewon has qualified for a post-study work permit, allowing her to stay in the UK for the next two years. She's begun her career as a marketing assistant for QS, the organizers of the QS World Grad School Tour.

I was always interested in marketing, ever since studying at ESADE, Spain on an exchange program during my undergraduate year. I was fascinated with European marketing strategies, which were quite different from those of the US or Korea. I was quite surprised to know that the European market was very diverse, even though European countries are almost borderless due to the EU. That triggered me to choose marketing.

Hyewon was fortunate enough to secure a £5,000 scholarship to study at Warwick. That funding, combined with her parents support and her own money, allowed her to consider studying abroad for her Masters degree. She says the skills she acquired during her graduate study included working in a multicultural environment. My class consisted of 88 students from 28 different countries. Therefore it was crucial to understand different cultures especially when doing group work. I wouldn't have gained this in Korea.

Hyewon would encourage other students to study for a Masters degree when they have a clear objective in mind. If you choose to study for a Masters degree for no reason, unemployment or on your parents' recommendation, there's no point. However, if you expect to gain international experience, and be able to work and study with people from all walks of life, I'd definitely recommend it!

She also recommends studying, working and living in the UK - in particular London. The highlights of the UK are London, London, London, she says. I never knew that London was a 'liveable' place. People who don't live in London think it is expensive but if you get to live here, you get the hang of saving money and spending it wisely!