width=261Name: Felix Mahimai John

Masters course: MSc in Management Economics and Industrial Engineering.

Place of Study: Como, Italy

1. What was the attraction of studying your chosen subject?

With a technical background, I hold a bachelor in information technology from Anna University Chennai, India. During this course I became an expert in networking and a few computer languages which helped me to get a part time job as a network administrator in my college.

After graduating from this course I became a junior executive in a private firm located in my city, Chennai. As time went by I realized that I was gaining experience in managing people and tasks with various tools and resources. But as a person with technical skills I then wanted to gain experience in management, and that is where this MSc Management Economics and Industrial Engineering came in. The title itself forms two different subjects, and yes, this course has diverse subjects, for example logistics management, corporate information systems, business intelligence, marketing management, project management and so on. After revising the syllabus and the opportunities that are open for this title I then wanted to proceed with this course.

2. Why did you choose to study at your university/grad school?

Politecnico di Milano hosts many good courses such as mine and also it has good faculty for each course. The abundant resources and the facilities provided by this university for the fees is very impressive. More than this, Politecnico di Milano offers many student activities; moreover this is one of the best universities in Italy. The system of education is also flexible for a student who is wishing to do an internship while studying. With the reputed professors and good students, Politecnico gains its reputation in Europe as one of the best technical universities.

3. A Masters degree is a significant financial commitment. How did you fund your Masters degree?

I am managing my studies through my personal funding by working part time and doing some projects as a freelancer which helps me to fill my stomach and pay my monthly rent. The part time job includes maintaining and updating websites for small firms and troubleshooting computers for recovery from errors.

4. Which are the highlights and the challenges of your experience as a Masters student?

Language: As a major barrier I faced the language as my first challenge, but with my learning ability I managed myself to prepare basically before leaving India. Then, after arriving, Politecnico offered a free Italian course which then tuned my basic skill to intermediate.

Educational System: As a new flexible system it was quite tough to figure out how the system works in Politecnico, but once you find it out then it easy for you to put yourself in the leisure zone during exam days. This system of education is far different from my university in India. In this system the students are given the opportunity to perform a internship in an organization without attending the classes; to make up for this the students are always updated online with necessary course materials and the professors are always very eager to help the students and make a prompt reply for all the queries that we ask. These online resources help the student to accomplish work experience during the course of study.

People: New culture, new people, new environment, new language... it made me stop and think a moment of how am I going to put myself in this place. But with time, I managed to learn the language, meet new friends from across the globe as well as locally. This new cultural experience is now helping me to change my lifestyle in to the Milanese culture where fashion and presentation plays a very important vital role among the people and organizations.

As a student I also equipped myself with some extracurricular activities, like being a student representative in my university for the IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology), with this IET I managed to make good contacts and I was also recommended for my work and initiatives by the chairman and the secretary of IET Italian network in my linkedin profile. I am also a DB2 student ambassador for IBM where I maintain the relationship between students and the IBM manager for various activities, the activities I perform with IET and IBM are purely voluntary and they helped me to gain my reputation in my professional society and also helped me to update myself with day to day technologies and events.

5. What career will you pursue upon graduation? Do you have an ideal employer in mind? 

I managed to find myself an internship at IBM Italia in the global business services) division and I hope I will have the opportunity to continue there in the future or in any other firm with the same job profile.

6. Why would you encourage others to study for a Masters?

Studying masters is not a cakewalk because it involves attitude, commitment, spending time, spending money, sacrificing needs, concentration and achievement.

When a person intends to study a Masters he not only upgrades his knowledge, but also gains several experiences during his course of stay in the foreign country. He gains people skills, he manages himself, he maintains his reputation and he has better opportunities for his career. Hence I would strongly recommend any individual to pursue his/her masters studies for a better career and better opportunity.

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