Raghuveer Veeramachaneni left home in India to head to undergraduate school at California State University, Pomona in the USA. With only a few weeks until the QS Top Universities Tour comes to India, Raghuveer talks about his experience as an international student studying abroad.

I definitely felt the biggest value added [by studying abroad] was diversity, Raghuveer says. I had an opportunity to work in groups with students from different parts of the globe. This opportunity opened his eyes to diverse perspectives, just one of the benefits of studying abroad.

But Raghuveer's experiences weren't just confined to the classroom. When asked to list the positives of studying abroad as an international student, Raghuveer immediately replied all the extra activities such as the various clubs he was able to become involved in. Another positive was the attitude of the professors, he says. That and the relationship with industry as well as the elective classes that allow you to explore your other interests.
Despite the positives, there were some negatives to studying abroad. There are costs involved, he says. And [I found] there weren't any great career options outside the local network. But none of these were enough to deter Raghuveer from making the most of his study abroad experience.

Raghuveer's initial reasons for studying abroad were the subject area he had chosen to pursue - finance. India has excellent undergraduate schools for engineering, but not for finance, he says. However, apart from the curriculum, Raghuveer also found his interpersonal skills greatly improved during his four year stint at undergraduate school in the US. My biggest change in perspective was the manner in which a course was administered. I enjoyed the format of having activities other that exams play a substantial role in one's final grade.

I also developed as a person by interacting with people from different backgrounds and cultures, he says.