Ann Graham discovers what Hanken School of Economics can offer.

Hanken School of Economics - Finland



What is unique about Hanken School of Economics Masters in Management program?

Finland, and Hanken, are relatively new players in the field. Hanken was among the first institutions in Finland to introduce Masters degree programs in English in 1999.

The Masters in International Management has a unique specialization on business with activities in the Nordic/Baltic countries and on large emerging markets such as China, India and Russia. Strongly research focused, the program develops students' skills to run companies that span several economic, social, geographic, institutional, cultural and linguistic boarders. Each year, 20 new students are admitted to the Masters in International Management program .

How does Hanken School of Economics compete with other Masters in Management providers?

Our main competitors are perhaps not the so called traditional providers of Masters in Management, but rather the newer, more alternative, players in the field, says Hanna Donner, Project Coordinator. 

An advantage of Hanken's Masters in Management is that we're outside the mainstream Anglo-Saxon field of management. This means that we are more sensitive to the context of smaller countries and a different kind of management tradition. As a destination, Finland may be perceived as more exotic, thus it is an alternative destination where high quality education is offered.

Tuition fees are prohibited by law in Finland and there are also equal opportunities for students regardless of financial and social background. Admissions are completely merit based.

What will students gain from studying at Masters in Management from Hanken School of Economics?

Hanken graduates are well known for their excellent language skills. Finland is a bilingual country speaking both Finnish and Swedish, and at Hanken, classes are taught in both Swedish and English. As a medium-sized business school, Hanken can provide students with individual services and supervision, allowing greater flexibility in programs.

A semester abroad is also built into the program. Each student gets first hand international experience by studying abroad. A special scholarship is granted to all students going abroad and no tuition fee is required from the participating students.

We have strong links to the corporate sector, including company visits and guest lectures, as well as strong international relations and active exchange with other institutions, says Donner. We also operate with an open door policy among staff giving students personal guidance.

Author's Name:  Ann Graham