Ann Graham discovers what the Vienna University of Economics and Business can offer.


Vienna University of Economics and Business
Rank 18 in the 2008 Financial Times Ranking of Masters in Management programs.

The Vienna University of Economics and Business is also one of the 23 business schools that are part of the CEMS, the Global Alliance in Management Education, which ranked third in the 2008 Financial Times rankings.

What is unique about Vienna University's program?
The Masters in International Management, in cooperation with CEMS, has been offered since 1990 in both English and German. Students, who study for this 24-month program, obtain the double degree - Vienna University's Masters in International Management (MSc) and the CEMS MIM offered by the Community of European Management Schools. It is open to a select group of only 80 students from all over the world.

How does Vienna University compete with other Masters in Management providers?
Vienna University (WU) is the European Union's largest business university. It has more than 25,000 students from over 100 countries, studying in the fields of business and management as well as business law.

Eva-Maria Zastera, Marketing Director says the program is designed to give students an excellent academic and practical education in international management. Some core components include: excellence in management education, a term abroad at an elite partner school, hands-on business experience through an international internship, a capstone business project, special skill development workshops and many on-campus opportunities to meet with CEOs and corporate partners.

Education in Austria is free (no tuition fees), thus WU is not competing on a revenue basis but merely on talent. In the quest for the best students, we try to provide an academically challenging, yet practice-oriented curriculum that prepares students to assume leadership once they have graduated from our program, Zastera says.

What will students gain?
In the fall of 2009, WU's Masters in International Management/CEMS will launch as a two-year, full-time program taught entirely in English. It is specially designed to meet the needs of the global marketplace in an international setting, creating a stimulating learning environment through the wide variety of professional, academic, and research experience brought to the classroom.

Zastera says the university constantly listens to the more than 50 CEMS corporate partners. To foster the university business link, we run skill seminars, invite executives to deliver guest lectures and ask our corporate partners for input in course development. The last initiative we launched was to incorporate more components on social corporate responsibility to the program.