The world's largest underwater crystal cave has been revealed with stunning images. The Orda Cave is in the western Urals region, and spans three miles making it the largest underwater gypsum cave in the world.

The Ural region is located around the Ural Mountains, and sits between East European and West Siberian plains. 

The water is so clear that divers can see up to 50 yards ahead of them. The divers were led by journalist and photographer, Victor Lyagushkin, 40, over a period of six months. The water can get as low as 3C and 20C below. With Lyagushkin was Bogdana Vashchenko, a diving journalist. 

With tales from their journey, the journalists have created a book with images and related articles. The book will be 160 pages in length and will also cover the technique of cave diving and tech-diving. Divers who have done the Orda Cave will also share their insights and personal experiences. The book will be marketed in Russian and English.