Sometimes it takes a jolt to come back to one's senses and looking at Princess Beatrice's recent stunning pictures, this concept seems very much like reality.

Three years back, a holiday picture of her in bikini revealed an unflattering 12-14 sized pear-shaped body. She was mortified at that time and this led her to plan a serious fitness regime for herself from diet to exercise, body language and even fashion.

Although she did not opt for a severe diet program, she tried to balance her diet by eating more vegetables and fruits and less of snacks and sugary condiments.

The Daily Mail reported that the princess enlisted herself for the services of 37-year-old Nadya Fairweather in the year 2009 who is a trainer from Battersea-based fitness firm U-Shape.

Her grueling exercise sessions seemed to have worked wonders as recent pictures of the princess revealed a much trimmed figure, complimented by her fab sense of fashion. In fact, the headpiece that she wore for the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate garnered worldwide attention and was later sold on eBay bringing in a massive $131,000 for charity.

Compare some of her recent pictures with her older images below: