STWA, – the developers of energy efficiency technologies currently focused on two primary areas, oil pipelines and diesel fleets (via two viscosity reduction technologies), reported issuance today of a shareholder’s newsletter by the Company’s CEO, Cecil Bond Kyte, covering projected market strategy for 2011 and several key developments.

The Company has developed technology which benefits every stage of the process by reducing crude oil viscosity. Thus, every phase of manipulation, from extraction to pumping the finished product through a pipeline, is improved in a way that benefits a variety of cost factors.

Chief among the developments mentioned in the report is an upcoming test of the Company’s revolutionary AOT™ (Applied Oil Technology), to be conducted at the US DOE’s Rocky Mountain Oilfield Testing Center (RMOTC) in Casper, Wyoming.

It is impossible to fully quantify how powerful AOT is for increasing daily throughput and optimizing power requirements, the technology can dramatically improve the entire energy supply system while increasing overall capacity without additional major capital outlays.

Kyte is projecting that 2011 is going to be an extremely dynamic year for the Company, with the planned DOE test set to demonstrate the true potential of AOT, as STWA prepares to engage the industry and the Company’s partners with this amazing innovation.

Global powerhouse in fluid-handling products, Colfax Corp., is a familiar associate for STWA and the two companies have worked closely on the construction of a full-scale AOT prototype.

An exciting time for the pipeline research community and oil industry in general, as AOT promises to transform cost margins across the board for a variety of operators.

Another front on STWA’s push into global markets discussed in the newsletter is the mounting interest in the Company’s ELEKTRA™ technology for diesel engines, which simultaneously improves fuel efficiency and reduces emissions towards newer and more stringent EPA standards.

The potential market cap for these two technologies on a global scale is staggering and STWA is confident going into 2011 that a strong technology portfolio will crystallize into rapidly accruing shareholder value.

The newsletter is available in full at the Company’s website and investors are encouraged to take a further look into the technology and potential applications as well.