Biting people is not something that is supposed to take place in sports beyond Greco-Roman wrestling, and even there it's not the best move.

Mike Tyson is the most famous biter in fighting history, but it appears that Uruguay star Luis Suárez is trying to challenge him. 

During Tuesday's World Cup match between Italy and Uruguay, Suárez again angered and shocked fans when he appeared to bite Italian opponent Giorgio Chiellini. It's a move that would come as an outright stunner if anyone else tried it, but one that has become a trademark of sorts for Suárez. Click play below to watch the incident:

Suárez has an established history of biting opposing players. In 2010, Suárez, who was on Ajax Amsterdam at the time, bit PSV Eindhoven's Otman Bakkal, earning a seven-game suspension for the move. And just last April the striker, playing for his current Premier League club of Liverpool, bit Chelsea defender Branisav Ivanovic, picking up a 10-game suspension for the slight.

As for the apparent biting incident Tuesday afternoon, it was difficult to tell immediately after it happened if Suárez really did bite Chiellini, but it sure seemed like it judging by the replays, which went viral shortly after it happened live on the TVs of millions of fans from Montevideo to Roma.

Online reactions were swift, and most fans seemed to believe that he definitely did bite his Italian opponent at about the 79-minute mark, though it did not appear to be seen by referees.