EUR/USD (1.3530)
European & US sessions forecast levels: 1.3455/1.3840
Trend Sessions: European: Neutral/Downward
US: Neutral/Downward
Market Focus: 10:00 AM Existing Home Sales, FHFA Home Price Index, 3:45 AM France INSEE Business Confidence.
Daily Strategy: The Greece problems deeper as Germany is not agreed to pay the Greece debt. There are many commentaries what to do, as some are to push Greece to out of the Euro Zone that seems unreal. Greece will remain in the Euro Zone and continue use the Euro, as own currency is FS Team forecasts. But the debt probably will push Greece government to take a fresh money injection by the IMF.
The biggest success of U.S. president Barak Obama with the health reform is a step to support the dollar. The new law will add additional support to Obama at least of 36 millions people that can use the health system after the reform. The dollar will rise today against the euro. The trading strategy today is to open short positions.