KANDAHAR, Afghanistan - A suicide bomber on a motorbike struck a convoy of foreign troops in southern Afghanistan Thursday, killing 12 civilians and wounding 30 people, a provincial governor's spokesman said.

Dawood Ahmadi, spokesman for the governor of Helmand Province, said the attack took place in the town of Gereshk, located on a major highway that passes through the province.

He was not able to say whether any foreign troops from the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) were hurt or killed.

Lieutenant Colonel Nick Richardson, spokesman for the British-led NATO contingent in the province, said: We are aware of an incident which has taken place this afternoon in southern Afghanistan involving ISAF troops. Further information will be released when available.

Helmand is one of the most violent provinces in Afghanistan, and the United States is sending more than 8,000 Marines there in coming weeks to double the size of the mainly-British force.