The Enchantress might be the scariest of all the “Suicide Squad” characters. In a new clip from the Warner Bros. film, Cara Delevingne proves that you don’t have to be loud and rambunctious to scare a bunch of grown men.

In the sneak-peek video, Delevingne’s character looks perfectly professional as Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) introduces her. Suddenly, a dark hand creeps out from under the Enchantress’ wrist, and a transformation begins. Within seconds, she’s the dark creature that DC comic book fans know.

“Meet the Enchantress,” Waller says. “Everything we know about her is in your briefing packs.” The binders have photos that look like something out of the ancient Egypt chapter of a textbook.

Waller confirms that though she looks young, the Enchantress is likely immortal. It seems like this probably isn’t a suicide mission for her. The man Waller is pitching this idea to isn’t very impressed though. “This meeting is now a magic show?” he asks.

“Magic or not, this girl can do some pretty incredible things. Go get it, girl,” Waller says. The clip ends before audiences can see the Enchantress in action.

Watch the “Suicide Squad” clip below:

Though no one seems to have warm and fuzzy feelings for her in the clip, Delevingne recently revealed on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” that the actors are quite close. “Yeah we have a text thread called ‘Suicide Squad For Life’ and we talk basically every day,” she said.

“Suicide Squad” follows a group of super villains put together by Waller. She needs them to stop “an enigmatic, insuperable entity,” and these bad guys are all expendable. But once they realize Waller doesn’t plan on them succeeding, they might not stick to the script. The movie hits theaters Aug. 5.