width=330Adrian Jules, the American suit maker is reviving British fashion as worn by late Duke of Windsor Edward VIII - who famously said that brown hue is not a color to be worn in the city, but is more suited for the countryside. The company is looking to bring back that fashion mandate and the Duke's double-breasted style. It has created the Town & Country Line, which has debuted at exclusive men's stores like Peter Elliot in New York and Pacific Tweed in California.

It has used traditional woollen fabric including flannels sourced from England and tweeds sourced from Scotland's Outer Hebrides. The suits are handmade and tailored to bring back that old world feel of wearing clothes from a different era. Through this Adrian Jules is looking to bring back the men's fashion trend of having separate wardrobe for every season - different color and cloth to define work and weekend wear. The 'Town' look has micro-patterned double-breasted, peaked-lapel suits and sport coats blue and grey hues. The 'Country' styles are in earthy Harris and Donegal tweed single-breasted suits mostly worn with coordinated vests. According to Arnald Roberti of Adrian Jules the suits will have a modern touch with slimmer cuts, narrower lapels and higher buttons. Depending on the level of customization the sport coats can range from $1,895 to $3,195, and $2,400 to $6,500 for suits.