Sunergy, Inc. is a company on the rise. While already having a reputation for their aggressive junior mining exploration and development, Sunergy took a major step towards a prosperous future by bringing in Karl Baum to an already impressive management team.

Mr. Baum, who will manage West African Business Development for Sunergy, brings a wealth of experience and local knowledge that will be pertinent to the young company’s new endeavors. He has over 5 years of experience within West Africa serving as the General Manager for (2) small-scale exploration and gold mining operations within The Republic of Ghana with 7,000 ton/day capacity. As an International Procurements and Logistics Manager, he has overseen the shipment of over USD $15 Million worth of capital equipment from the United States and imported into Ghana. Baum has led the permitting activities for the operating mines in Ghana and enjoys a good working relationship with the local and national authorities. Prior to his positions within Ghana, Baum served as Permitting Coordinator on several gold mining projects in Colorado working with the EPA and Division of Minerals and Geology to ensure regulatory compliance.

To go along with this already impressive resume, Baum has also played an integral role in providing assistance in developing several large scale contracts for mining services within The Republic of Liberia and Sierra Leone, giving him a working knowledge of the customs and concerns of performing within the West African business climate. This hands-on experience within the region has assisted him in providing turn-key supply chain management solutions which are vital to successful operations in this part of the world.

When asked his thoughts on his new position, Baum said, “I am excited to join the Sunergy family because we share the same vision and goals for developing a large diversified Company throughout West Africa. This economic downturn has uncovered several opportunities that are available now for those ready to do business in Ghana and West Africa. I will return to Ghana shortly and start implementing our business plan for near term gold production and cash flow and keep my eyes open for opportunities.”

Sunergy already has a very impressive management team with such industry leaders as P.K. Rana Medhi serving as Company Chairman and Joseph Guerrero holding the position as their President. When asked what the addition of Karl Baum will mean to Sunergy, both Medhi and Guerrero spoke of Baum’s extensive knowledge and experience of the area and his unquestioned leadership skills which both feel will launch Sunergy into the future.

With an impressive management team in place and an aggressive marketing and strategic approach, the sun is shining bright on Sunergy.