Sunergy, Inc., an aggressive mining and exploration firm with operations primarily focused on the fully-owned 150 sq. km. Nyinahin mining concession in West Africa’s Ghana, took an opportunity this morning to provide a status update on operations at the Nyinahin site.

With a full prospecting license for gold, silver, diamond and base metals, and alluvial gold/diamond production potential being thoroughly tested along the Ofin River (which cuts through the eastern half of the site) in the upcoming months, pit testing and bulk sampling from the many dormant artisan pits will also begin when the rainy season passes. With these factors in mind, SNEY has projected a $300k budget with expectations of generating upwards of 1k oz. of gold worth roughly $1.1M.

A processing plant with a 100-tons/hour capacity has been scouted for production runs, and is available for leasing on a month-to-month basis. Alternatively, for about $150k, a new, identical plant can be purchased and running in under 6 weeks, with the potential to set up many ancillary plants over the next year for around $1.5M which will push daily production rates up to the 1k tons/hour level.

Such plants are operable by a 3-man team and the bulk test permitting is underway, so SNEY anticipates going into at least limited production very soon.

The Company is also ready to close on the 57 sq. km. site located upriver along the Ofin, just 25 miles NE of the existing Nyinahin concession, for which similar plans are in preparation. This new addition will bring the total area which SNEY controls to well over 200 sq. km. of full prospecting licensed area.

Robert Levich CPG, EurGeol Director, noted the extension of the open-ended, 2-year prospecting license on the Nyinahin concession, and anticipats that bulk testing will validate a 30-year full mining license, pointing to the three sizeable anomalies west of the Ofin which will be the subject of scrutiny during the next phase of operations, as they represent an immediately realizable resource.

President of SNEY, Karl Baum, commented on the exciting prospects for immediate and long-term profitability existing throughout the many abandoned artisan pits along the Ofin, and the three large anomalies as warranting a “vigorous exploration effort”, and pointed out that several other large mining operations in the area have expressed interest in looking at the mineral potential of those anomalies.