Sunvalley Sola said that Prime Time Produce, also known as Sun & Sand Enterprises, LLC, will pay $1.3 million for a solar system consisting of 285 Kilowatts of power. The system will comprise 3000 solar panels and a solar inverter. Both the solar panels and the inverter will be purchased from third party vendors.

The company said that the contract is benefiting from federal and local incentives used to advance alternative and renewable energy sources. The incentives associated with this contract include $630,000 in rebates from the local utility and $393,000 in rebates from a program set up by Federal government.

Sunvalley Solar reported that the solar system will generate approximately 438,000 Kilowatt hours of electricity during a typical 12 month period, with the peak periods from May through October. The company expects to begin installation in early 2011.

Prime Time Produce is a large grower of agricultural produce, including peppers, watermelons, tomatoes, green beans and corn. The company sells its products to supermarkets and grocers and is located in Coachella, California.

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