Sunvalley Solar, Inc. is a leading solar power technology and solar system integration firm. The company offers comprehensive solar technology, system design, installation, equipment and technical support for electrical contractors, builders, homeowners, businesses and government entities that assist them in lowering utility bills, reducing environmental impacts and increasing energy reliability and independence.

The company announced yesterday an agreement with its partner Baoding TianWei SolarFilms, a solar thin film supplier in China, to promote thin film solar power systems in Palm Springs, Thermal City and other cities in the eastern Los Angeles area. Since 2010, Sunvalley Solar has worked to bring the power of solar electricity and energy efficiency to farm owners in the area with its Green Farm program.

Sunvalley Solar has found that, in these agricultural locales, thin film modules have better performance in high temperature, desert environments than crystalline modules. The good irradiance conditions in desert areas combined with the thin film technology offered by the company provides an efficient and cost-effective means of solar power for agricultural customers.

TianWei Solar Films and Sunvalley Solar recognize the potentially big opportunities for thin film solar systems in this region of California, especially with the strong solar incentive support from local utility companies. With Sunvalley’s expertise in solar installation and TianWei’s supply of high-quality, low-cost thin film panels, the partners should win many more contracts in the area.

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