Sunwin has gained reputation as a leader in the area of all natural zero-calorie sweeteners to go along with its traditional Chinese medicines which are prepared from 100 percent natural herbal ingredients. Today, Sunwin took a major step towards prominence with the announcement that they have formed a partnership with WILD Flavors, Inc.

Sunwin and WILD Flavors have joined forces to enhance product development and unveiled several state-of-the-art concepts at the Institute of Food Technologies (IFT) 2010 Expo. The product demonstrations were designed to showcase the innovation in both entities products and to display that the products are not only healthy for you but also taste great.

The 2010 IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo featured over 1,000 companies exhibiting 230,000 square feet at Chicago’s McCormick Place Convention Center and attracted the largest number of global food suppliers in North America with over 21,000 in attendance.

One of the creations which stole the attention of the audience at the event was WILD’s All Natural Zero-Calorie Peach Iced Tea. This product incorporates WILD’s Taste Modification Technologies and was designed exclusively for Sunwin to go along with a chocolate cookie with 50% less sugar than the traditional cookie, sweetened with Sunwin’s Stevia.

Leading the team at Sunwin International is Jeff Reynolds who serves as the company’s President and CEO. Commenting on what Sunwin’s partnership with WILD Flavors will mean to the future of the company, Reynolds was quoted as saying, “The partnership between WILD Flavors, Inc. and Sunwin continues to build momentum as we are now able to demonstrate innovative concepts for drinks, candies and cookies that have been very well received at the IFT 2010 Expo. WILD Flavors also had over sixty one-on-one meetings with leading companies from the food and beverage industry to discuss various Sunwin Stevia(TM) initiatives using WILD’s proprietary all natural sweetening systems. These advancements demonstrate the world class innovation WILD brings to the industry. The increased capabilities of our partnership continue to attract significant interest within the consumer package goods space.”

Currently, Sunwin International is trading in the $0.31 range. With Sunwin and WILD Flavors working together and an already heightened technology within the company’s pipeline, Sunwin is definitely a company investors will keep an eye on.

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