Super Bowl commercials will never leave you unfazed. Adriana Lima's racy Teleflora ad sent enough shockwaves this season due to its controversial message.

Super Bowl commercials have long been attracting attention over the years, thanks to their thought-provoking streak that's designed to either offend or induce incessant giggles from viewers.

While some of the ads have been outrageously funny, there are those that have been plainly obscene and downright wrong. The overall goal of the commercials is to generate outrage by injecting bouts of controversy much to the advertiser's delight.

Here are a handful of the top ten unforgettable ads that had the whole nation ranting about throughout the years.

1. Sales Genie's Super Bowl Ad

The ad featuring an Indian salesman along with a pair of heavily accented pandas selling bamboo offended viewers because of the characters' ethnic accents. The ad was pulled out and a re-edited version was later released.


2. Groupon Save the Whale Super Bowl Ad

Groupon would have thought that its Save the Whale Super Bowl ad would be for a noble cause. Little did they think that featuring Cuba Gooding Jr. lamenting the fate of whales, while touting a 43 percent discount on a whale-watching boat ride, would cause enough frustration among viewers.


3. Bud Light Classroom

The ad shows Comedian Carlos Mencia teaching his English students the correct way to ask someone for a Bud Light beer in the classroom.


4. Heineken Walk-In Fridge

The Heineken commercial captured the reality in social differences between men and women. The video featured a group of women ecstatic about walking into a closet full of shoes and clothes only to be outdone in typical male fashion by the yells of joy by the men who are shown the Heineken Walk-in Fridge.


5. Go Daddy Super Bowl Ad - The Office

This cheesy commercial for GoDaddy shows a wild party in the office of the GoDaddy marketing department. Everybody wants to work in marketing, a character says with a smirk in the end.