Super Bowl 2012 Twitter hash tags, handles and other information will show you how to follow the game online.

The big game is upon us, and the world's eyes will be directed toward Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis at 6:30 p.m. tonight for the kickoff of the showdown between Eli Manning's New York Giants and Tom Brady's New England Patriots.

Though the Super Bowl has been the most-watched annual televised sport event for many years, now it's also a great thing to follow on Twitter.

Here's all the info you need to keep up with all the social conversation on today's game, from Super Bowl 2012 Twitter hash tags to the handles to follow and more:

The most important hash tag to search for Super Bowl 2012 information is, of course, #SuperBowl, as most people will accompany every thought they tweet about the game with this catch-all tag.

#Giants and #Patriots will also be heavily used during this year's game, for fans of each team to follow the action. And #NFL will also be a big one, for emotional viewers who don't want to take up more than four of the 140 characters with a hash tag.

Many of the Super Bowl's TV ads will feature hashtags this year, according to and other observers, so be sure to check any tags you see in an ad during the game for an added social networking experience.

And Nielsen reported in October that about 40 percent of Americans use their mobile and tablet devices each day when watching TV, and 42 percent of those use social media while watching.

The Super Bowl has its own official Twitter account, which you should be sure to watch at @SuperBowl for all the latest news, commentary and other information as the game gets underway.

And the Giants and Patriots have their own official accounts at @Giants and @Patriots, which are going to be a great source for information on the teams. Their official accounts are also the best locations to find the handles of all the players, coaches and other staff who may Tweet out interesting tidbits of information throughout Super Bowl 2012.