Sunday's Super Bowl game will have fans glued to their screens with only quick breaks to check updates online, according to a pre-game survey by ComScore.

In a survey conducted between January 29-20, three-quarters of internet users said they planned to log on the day of the Super Bowl. Of those who planned to go online, 82 percent said they would do so before the game and 62 percent would go online only after the game.

Only 29 percent said they planned to go online during the game itself, with 28 percent going on during halftime, ComScore said.

Viewers have indicated that the Internet will be a more significant part of their Super Bowl experience than last year, said Andrew Lipsman, senior analyst at comScore. In particular, there seems to be a greater inclination to access advertisers' content online, which highlights the increasing importance of a cross-media advertising strategy.

The Super Bowl game will air on Fox this Sunday, with the New York Giants pitting against the undefeated New England Patriots, and is said it may draw the most U.S. television viewers in the 42-year history of the National Football League's championship game.

When we look at the two teams, one is going for perfection and the other one is going to stop them from going for perfection,'' said Tom Ziangas, a senior vice president at Nielsen Sports in a statement.

It looks to be a super Super Bowl.

For many Super Bowl viewers, the TV commercials are as important as the game itself. Overall, 49 percent of the respondents said that the game was their favorite part of the Super Bowl festivities, but more than a quarter (26 percent) actually preferred watching the ads, ComScore noted.

Males, in particular, were significantly more likely to prefer watching the game itself, while females preferred watching the ads. Females were also more likely than males to prefer spending time with friends and family and watching the halftime show.