Super Bowl 2012 is available via more live streams and apps than any previous Super Bowl. Here's how and where to watch the game via online live stream, iPhone and Android apps and on TV:

NBC will have the exclusive live TV broadcast, which is where most people will watch Super Bowl 2012. But Super Bowl 2012 free live streams are also available online and via apps on your mobile device:

NBC will offer an official free Super Bowl 2012 live stream online at This is one of only two officially-sanctioned sites on which to watch a live stream of the game for free online.

The NFL will also offer an official free Super Bowl 2012 live stream online at This is the only other officially-sanctioned site on with to watch a live stream of the game for free online.

The NFL Mobile (iOS, Android) app is the first one that will allow viewers to watch a Super Bowl 2012 live stream legally on a mobile device. Download NFL Mobile Premium on your Verizon device to get a live video app feature, which allows for watching of live games, NFL RedZone and the 24/7 NFL Network. The premium service app is free for 4GLTE-equipped mobile device users, while 3G users must pay $10 per month to watch the live video streams. The app can eat into your budget, however, as it does rack up data usage, so be sure to keep track of that as you watch on your mobile device. The app offers a range of features including social-networking syncing, additional camera angles, in-game highlights, stats and more. Use WiFi for the game to

The Giants Mobile (iOS, Android) app is the official mobile home of the New York Giants. It offers real-time news, on-demand videos, stats, photo galleries, and a stream of Big Blue-related tweets. The app is synced with Facebook and Twitter, allowing you to update your social networking profiles from the app, and you can also use it to check in at the stadium if you are lucky enough to attend Super Bowl 2012.

The New England Patriots 2011 (Android, iOS, BlackBerry) app is the official home of the New England Patriots. Much like the Giants Mobile app, it is the home for New England fans who want news, videos, stats, scores and video and audio streams.

The ESPN ScoreCenter (iOS, Android, Win Phone 7) appis the best way to follow along with Super Bowl 2012, as it provides information about statistics, big plays, news and more. It also offers live details from the big game, as well as play-by-play anlysis.

The A+ Superbowl Commercials (iOS) app doesn't feature football, but instead keeps you in touch with the other big draw of the Super Bowl. The app currently has links to YouTube videos of previous Super Bowl's best commercials, and actually updates live throughout the game with the hottest Super Bowl 2012 commercials.

Watching the game and following along on social media will be even more popular during Super Bowl 2012 than ever before, according to Bloomberg News, which reported that 34-year-old marketing executive Aaron Magness plans to watch the game on TV while following along on Twitter and Facebook on his iPhone and iPad:

I can easily armchair quarterback on a much larger scale, said Magness, a vice president of marketing for online eyewear company Coastal Contacts Inc. (COA) in Vancouver. Instead of telling my friends next to me, 'I can't believe he called that timeout,' now I can tell 2,000 followers.