Sunday doesn't have to revolve around only one game. If you're hosting or attending a Super Bowl 50 party, get ready to get playful with games that will excite even the non-football fans. The competition could get just as heated. Here are six activities to try at your Sunday shindig:

Super Bowl 50 Bingo. Print out or make your own bingo sheets, give guests markers and make sure to pay attention — this game is simple but can progress quickly. You won't want to miss a fumble or commercial, because those spots could complete your row (or someone else's). has a solid set of printables here.

Pin the football in the field goal. Use tape to make a field goal on the nearest wall, per these instructions. Cut out small football shapes out of paper and place tape on the back. Then blindfold contestants, spin them around and let them loose. If their balls make it between the posts, reward them with points — or pints.

Score squares. This supereasy game involves printing out a paper grid, so be prepared. Once everyone arrives, have them claim certain squares on the grid by using different-colored highlighters. After all spaces have been claimed, give each axis a team name and put down the  numbers 0-9 in a random order. You're done! At the end of each quarter, look at the last digit of each team's score and see if anyone has the match. If so, he or she wins.

Game on, dance-off. The best parts of the Super Bowl are often the touchdown dances, so why not choreograph your own? Pass out the drinks, crank up the stereo and let loose. Have the crowd choose a winner. Need some inspiration? Watch TLC's Toddler Bowl Dance-Off here.

Touchdown trivia. Divide your guests into teams and grill them on football facts. The NFL has an official digital trivia game with adjustable difficulty levels from a few years ago here, or you can read aloud questions and answers from the New York Post here. If you're around experts, borrow CBS' "25 toughest Super Bowl trivia questions of all time" here.

Commercial competition. Have your party people grade each commercial by holding up paddles like these. Print out the free designs on cardstock, tape them to popsicle sticks and get judging.