So-called “super-criminal” Redoine Faid escaped from a French prison Saturday using explosives hidden inside packages of tissues, prompting Interpol to place him on the agency’s most wanted list.

Faid, a career criminal who was serving time in a Lille prison for an attack that killed a police officer, took four guards hostage and used the hidden bombs to break out of the prison while releasing the guards as he made his getaway, the Associated Press reported.

The “super-criminal’s” whereabouts are unknown and he could be anywhere, according to French Justice Minister Christiane Taubira. Interpol is so lacking in leads that the agency has an arrest warrant out on Faid that includes 26 countries, according to CNN.

Surprisingly, Faid’s lawyer, Jean-Louis Pelletier said he wasn’t surprised that the “super-criminal” escaped from prison.

 "He is remarkably intelligent, and he is using his intellect to serve his ambitions," Pelletier told French television station BFMTV, adding that he was scheduled to meet with Faid about the “super-criminal’s” upcoming trial. "(And Faid) cannot stand being imprisoned anymore."

The guards who were taken hostage “are safe and sound,” said Lille prosecutor Frederic Fevre, according to CNN.

The “super-criminal’s” escape has led some to claim that the Lille prison needs some security enhancements.

 "The construction ... makes it particularly difficult to manage detainees, who are particularly difficult to watch," Jimmy Delliste, former associate director of the prison, told BFMTV.

Faid’s confinement in Lille was not his first prison stint. He served 10 years of a 31-year sentence after being arrested in 1998. Media reports did not say what crime Faid committed in 1998, but the AP noted that he was an armed robber.

"When I was on the run, I lived all the time with death, with fear of the police, fear of getting shot," Faid told Europe 1 radio of his time on the lam in Switzerland and Israel, according to the AP.