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With so many movie queues, a new bookmarking system is letting users streamline them.

The patent-pending Watch It button is created by Plexus Entertainment, which develops products and strategies in an effort to help connect films and filmmakers with audiences.

Watch It launched in beta form Thursday. It was unveiled on and will be available on in January.

With the super movie queue, users can locate, bookmark, track, filter, sort and watch their movie picks across multiple digital-distribution platforms, as well as theaters, DVD and Blu-ray.

Watch It users can request and receive email alerts when movies of interest become available on different platforms, whether it be the theater, a digital service or another platform. The button, which can be embedded in movie reviews and blogs, lets users click and see where a film is available.

Through the button, full movies or trailers can be viewed immediately or placed in a queue for future viewing.

Watch It also allows users to share their queues with their Facebook friends.

The company plans to use Watch It to provide movie marketers with analytics by mining and aggregating non-personally identifiable consumer data.

Plexus Entertainment is planning to broaden the Watch It concept to include music, TV, books, and video games online and offline.