Georgia Republican voters will elect their presidential nominee on Super Tuesday, March 6, along with nine other states. The state has 76 delegates to offer - the largest booty in the March 6 GOP primary contest.

The race in the Peach State is one-sided with Newt Gingrich leading the polls in double digits. Gingrich has staked the future of his presidential race on the state, which is also his home turf. If Gingrich loses Georgia then that would end his presidential bid as the former speaker has himself admitted.

I have to win Georgia, I think, to be credible in the race, said Gingrich.

According to the CNN/Opinion Research, Gingrich has a 23-point lead over his nearest rival Mitt Romney.       

Georgia awards its delegates proportionately and registered Republican and independents can vote in the primary. Thirty-one delegates are awarded proportionately among candidates winning at least 20 percent of the vote statewide. Congressional district allocates another 42 delegates, three for each district. If a candidate gets a majority in a district, he wins all three delegates. If no one get majority, the delegates are split 2-to-1 between the top two candidates.

Georgia voters can look up their voter registration status and other information here.

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