Move over, boys. Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) is here to save the day. CBS will introduce the fearless female Monday when “Supergirl” lands on screens. This superhero origin drama isn’t just a gender-swapped “Superman” tale, but it might share a few qualities with stories of Kara's cousin. Find out what you need to know about DC Comics’ new superhero show before tuning in.

1. A Kryptonian history -- Unlike Kal-El, the future Superman who came to Earth as an infant, Kara arrived on Earth when she was 12. She knows where she is from, and the show will utilize flashbacks to her time in space. “We'll see in flashbacks her time on Krypton as a young girl, which you can't ever do with the Superman story,” executive producer Greg Berlanti told TV Guide. “For all of the sadness that is sometimes present in the Superman character, he's essentially American. He was a baby when he came here, he was brought up by [human] parents who loved him. It was very different from Kara, who essentially grew up on this futuristic, amazing alien world, exposed to an entire galaxy of knowledge.”

2. No Superman -- Kara’s famous cousin is mentioned plenty in the series. However, the Man of Steel’s face won’t be seen on the series just yet. “He is definitely a presence,” Benoist told "CBS This Morning" on Monday. “You don’t see his face, but I mean, he’s a family member. He’s her cousin, but it’s her story. That’s what’s important.”

3. A family show -- This is one prime-time series that parents and kids can watch together. “I think that everyone will be able to take something from it,” Benoist said on the CBS morning program. “But I really would love to reach young girls and to be a good role model for them.” Benoist has already been pictured with Girl Scouts and surprised 400 mothers and daughters at a screening of the pilot.

4. Altering the comics -- Every adaptation of comic books has to alter some mythology, but “Supergirl” has made an interesting choice with Winn Schott (Jeremy Jordan). Judging from the trailer, he seems to be Kara’s best friend, but comic readers know that Winslow Schott is the villain Toyman. Producers revealed that while there would be a connection, they hinted that Toyman isn’t necessarily Winn. “There's definitely going to be a relationship between Toyman and Jeremy Jordan's character, Winn Schott,” executive producer Ali Adler teased at New York Comic Con (via the Hollywood Reporter).

5. Jimmy Olsen grows up -- It looks like Kara’s cousin sent a friend to help her out. James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks) will be by Kara’s side, but don’t call him Jimmy. In addition to the mature name, James will be Supergirl’s love interest, but he isn’t making a move just yet. “You can't go hit on Superman's cousin,” Brooks said at New York Comic Con. “There's a bro code, and he can destroy you … [but] there's an attraction between the two.”

6. Villains of the week -- Expect the show to follow a format similar to DC Comics’ other small-screen projects, like “Arrow” and “The Flash.” “The pilot sets up the idea that there is an alien prison from Krypton that crash-landed on Earth and all those prisoners escaped,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg explained to Parade. “We are going to be meeting some of those alien villains. There will also be some human villains.”

7. Paying homage -- Like many other superhero shows, “Supergirl” will give a wink and a nod to past versions of superheroes once in a while. Kara’s adoptive parents are played by former “Supergirl” star Helen Slater and Dean Cain, who played Superman on “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.”

Watch the trailer for "Supergirl" Season 1 below:

“Supergirl” premieres Monday at 8:30 p.m. EDT on CBS.