Alex (Chyler Leigh) is finally coming out as gay to Kara (Melissa Benoist) in tomorrow’s episode of “Supergirl,” and according to Benoist herself, the Kryptonian will be supportive of her foster sister’s new journey as member of the LGBTQ community.

“Now that Alex is kind of going off on her own path and learning something about herself, Kara will be there with an open mind and an open heart,” Benoist told TVLine during the news outlet’s recent visit to the set of the CW series.

“Those two are inseparable. Their bond is unbreakable,” added the 28-year-old actress of Alex and Kara’s relationship. “So whatever happens, Kara’s going to be there — no matter what.”

Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, however, said that there will be a small tiff between the sisters when Alex talks to Kara about her true sexuality for the first time. “Alex and Kara have a little misunderstanding, actually,” Kreisberg teased to TVLine.

Kara is going to feel sad after finding out about Alex’s self-discovery, and Kreisberg told The Hollywood Reporter that Alex will mistake “Kara’s reaction for not being entirely supportive.”

Unbeknown to Alex, Kara’s sadness is not born of any disapproval but guilt. “[Kara] feels a little sad, but entirely because she feels like so much of the sisters’ lives have been about Kara, have been about protecting her, keeping her secret [and] making sure she’s safe,” Kreisberg explained to Entertainment Weekly. “She feels like she created an environment in which Alex never felt comfortable discussing this stuff, so she laments that.”

But when everything is said and done, Alex’s coming out will only make the sisters closer. “All this does is make them love each other more, which is something that was really important to us,” Kreisberg told TVLine. “As people will find out this season, everybody treats Alex with the love and respect that she deserves.”

“Supergirl” Season 2, episode 6, titled “Changing,” airs on Monday, Nov. 14 at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.