Superlattice Power, Inc. is continuing its drive to kick battery performance into high gear with its advanced lithium ion polymer battery that is designed to significantly increase the performance of electric vehicles.

With the recent roller-coaster ride in oil prices, interest in all-electric vehicles is stronger than ever, with people looking for something they can plug into versus fill up, something that is beyond today’s hybrids. Over and above the immediate pubic appeal of owning a car that can bypass the gas station, there are also long-term social benefits that are driving research in the field. By transferring power generation to centralized power stations, there are far more options for efficient pollution control, including the use of renewable power generation stations. Add to this the fact that electric vehicles support the nationwide move toward energy independence, and you have a huge and hungry market.

The Superlattice lithium-ion polymer battery has many advantages over other battery designs, including greater energy density, better charge rate, and higher durability. To most people, the biggest advantage is that it brings home the prospect of an all-electric vehicle capable of traveling 200 miles on a single charge.

But a great battery means nothing if it can’t be produced economically at the scales needed. This is where the challenge has been, and where Superlattice takes the lead. The company has developed a unique and proprietary chemical process for the industrial scale production of specialized high-purity nano cathode materials used in their advanced battery. The cobalt free cathode material has a superlattice chemical structure that can accommodate more lithium, and thus hold more energy. The result is a battery with overall superior performance.

With its recent developments in producing the materials at industrial levels, Superlattice moves closer than ever to making all-electric vehicles commercially viable to the greater marketplace.

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