Superlattice Power, Inc., developer of advanced high-energy batteries for use in electric cars and other demanding applications, is continuing its move toward the world’s most efficient lithium ion battery. The company recently announced that they were able to dramatically increase the driving range of an electric car, produced by EV Innovations Inc.

Using a multi-stage charging process, where the charging rate was able to follow a differential curve obtained through previous experiments, in conjunction with a new battery management system, researchers were able to increase EV driving range by at least 50%. The tests were done using a 29.6 Kwh lithium ion battery.

Superlattice plans to continue work with a next-generation battery pack, where the cathode material with superlattice structure will be used, and the expected specific capacity is 1.5 times compared to the cathode. The company’s goal is to develop and produce the most efficient rechargeable lithium ion battery commercially available for onboard energy storage in hybrid and electric vehicles. The technical success of the company is supported by its proprietary battery module design, sophisticated battery cell management systems, and battery thermal management system.

The Superlattice team is highly knowledgeable in lithium ion battery technology, and plans for producing the batteries are already being negotiated. The company is working with an unnamed Asian company to initiate pilot scale production near Superlattice headquarters in Mooresville, North Carolina. As many as 100,000 battery cells could eventually be produced on an annual basis by the plant.

Significantly increasing EV driving range, without having to simply pile on more batteries and increase associated weight and cost, is seen as the key to the ultimate success of the growing EV industry. The new battery is being developed to give a reasonably sized electric car up to 200 miles on a single charge.

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