Emerging leader in lithium-power battery technology, Superlattice Power, Inc., proudly announces the completion of their design of a fast charge lithium-ion battery pack. The newly completed design qualifies the company for EV Innovations Inc.’s LiV(TM) series electric vehicles.

Superlattice Power Inc. currently designs lithium ion batteries for electric and hybrid vehicles. Working with EV Innovations Inc., the company developed a robust lithium ion battery pack system that has been tested in 10 vehicles. Each vehicle tested the battery back for about 2,000 miles. The innovative design developed by Superlattice Power Inc. is capable of handling more than 2.5 C rates, meaning, the battery pack can reach an 80% charge capacity in less than 30 minutes.

The first prototype of this battery pack will be developed and delivered by the end of November 2009. The components to be modified in the first prototype include charging protocol, Battery Management System, thermal management system, charger (EV Innovations’ design), battery pack casing and compact, high current bus bar and electrical system.

In addition to developing the lithium ion battery pack, the project also aims to optimize the battery’s capacity and miles per “fast-charge.” The company’s research and development activities focus on the design and development of lithium ion electrode materials and cells, as well as second generation Battery Management System.