Superlattice Power, Inc. is a leader in the development and marketing of next-generation lithium-powered batteries worldwide. The company is working closely with EV Innovations (EVII.OB) to research and develop mass scale production of cathode superlattice nano and sub-micron sized structures for use in rechargeable lithium ion batteries.

Lithium ion batteries are composed of cathode, anode, separator and electrolyte composed of lithium hexafluorophosphate (LiPF6) or different salts dissolved in non-aqueous solvent. A lithium ion battery is the primary source of a rechargeable storage system since it has the capability to provide the highest gravimetric and volumetric energy density.

Perhaps the key component in a lithium ion battery is the cathode. The cathode materials that Superlattice produces are based on a superlattice structure. A superlattice structure is a hexagonal structure that can accommodate more lithium and more power than conventional material structures. The elements and special transition metals have been selected precisely to make Superlattice cathode materials safe, environmentally friendly and less expensive.

Superlattice Power’s partner EV Innovations is a company focused on emissions-free automotive propulsion systems using the latest lithium battery technology. EV Innovations has recently received extensive media coverage from their release of two distinctly different plug-in electric vehicles at the 2009 New York International Auto Show.

The Wall Street Journal reported that there is a major challenge for manufacturers to keep costs of electric vehicles down. In fact, the Journal reported that EV Innovations appears to be the most competitive with what is available in the market today. EV Innovations’ competitiveness stems in large part from its lead in lithium battery technology, thanks to Superlattice Power and its new cathode materials.

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