Superlattice Power, Inc., an emerging leader in the development and marketing of next generation lithium-powered batteries worldwide, announced today that the Department of Energy, National Energy and Technology Laboratory will receive a letter of strong support by a global battery giant.

This Asian company will not only train U.S. citizens, but will also produce battery packs at minimum cost using a semi-automatic system that has the capability of producing enough battery packs to meet the U.S. demand for hybrid and electric cars as proposed by President Obama.

Superlattice Power Inc.’s initiative in developing electric vehicle battery packs has been assessed by global battery leaders. The company is committed to meeting the demand with a high quality rechargeable power system.

The manufacturing giant recognizes the potential for both companies to achieve a long-term relationship, bringing together an environmentally friendly community of partnerships to advance U.S. and global energy efficiency. By participating in a funding opportunity, Superlattice Power, Inc. will be able to accelerate their efforts to move toward lithium power transportation within the U.S. and create jobs and technology that are critically needed within the United States.

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