Superlattice Power Inc. has pioneered in the development of next-generation, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. To take its technology to commercial scale, Superlattice has developed a detailed, six-step project plan.

First, the company will test and select subcontractors to synthesize the high-capacity cathode materials. The company will send samples to each subcontractor for characterization and performance evaluation. The selected subcontractors will sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect the details of synthesizing, including cathode material preparation, cell assembly, anode materials, and separators associated with the Superlattice lithium-ion batteries.

Next, the cathode materials will be characterized through analytical and electrochemical techniques. Properties such as crystal structure, electronic conductivity, surface area and porosity are critical in the electrochemical performance of the electrodes in the batteries. The team will characterize the materials by X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microsopy, BET surface area, EDS analysis, porosimetry, and particle size distribution in order to correlate chemical and physical properties with their electrochemical performances. A Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) technique will be used to determine the thermal stability of the synthesized materials.

The third step will be fabricating the cathodes. The fabrication of positive (cathode) electrodes with uniform loading and good mechanical integrity is crucial. This portion of the plan is estimated to take between 6 and 7 months.

The fourth step of this plan will be to develop half-cells with the cathode materials and metallic lithium anode in electrolyte. During this step, cylindrical cells of 18650 and/or prismatic 5±0.4 mm (Thick) X 34 mm X 50 mm will be fabricated. As the fourth step continues to develop, the new lithium-ion batteries will be examined for high-ampere cells that will be used in hybrid and/or electric vehicles. Once a minimum increase of 10% to 20% above LiCoO2, or current commercially available cathode material, is achieved, the company will commence the fifth step in their plan, which is the evaluation and assessment of technical feasibility.

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