Superlattice Power, Inc., an emerging leader in the development and worldwide marketing of advanced lithium-ion powered batteries, has a step-by-step plan to bring its superlattice batteries from the synthesis of cathode materials to the evaluation and testing of products. Thugh ramped up production and development, the company has expanded from laboratory scale to industrial scale.

In the 1970s, when lithium batteries were first developed, they were considered unsafe because the lithium would become unstable during charging. Some improvements have been made over the years, but it wasn’t until Superlattice came on the scene that a significant jump was made in the technology. The team was able to create a hexagonal, or six-sided, honeycomb structure with periodically alternating layers of materials for a stable, safe, environmentally-friendly, and affordable battery that provides more energy than the previous standard of 3.6 volts.

“This nanosphere superlattice structure will reduce the surface area for the same volume compared to faceted nanomorphology. This in turn will reduce the use of electronically conductive carbonaceous material. The result is the battery will yield more capacity,” stated Surajit Sengupta, director of Battery Research and Development.

Superlattice has found that its initial production potential of a batch rate of 100 kg each will make the batteries extremely affordable. The company believes the batteries can be placed at such a competitive pricing point that consumers who currently drive gas-powered vehicles can seriously consider switching to an all-electric mode of transportation.

Since the announcement of the Progressive X Prize Automotive challenge, Superlattice has been working with EV Innovations (EVII.OB) to create a viable entrant for the competition. The X Prize competition hopes to challenge companies to use their innovative teams to create safe, clean, and super-efficient cars that can be readily produced in the near future.

Superlattice is a company with a single-minded mission to develop its superlattice-structured batteries to reach production goals As it continues to work towards completing its ramp-up plan and finalizing the X Prize vehicle, the company is on the verge of gaining the attention of major auto manufacturers and consumers alike.

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