Superlattice Power Incorporated is a leader in the development and marketing of next-generation lithium-powered batteries worldwide. EV Innovations (OTCBB: EVII) has taken Superlattice from the laboratory scale and moved them to producing nano and submicron materials on a large, industrial scale.

The materials that Superlattice produces are based on a superlattice structure. Superlattice structure is a hexagonal structure that can accommodate more lithium and more power than conventional materials structures. The elements and special transition metals have been selected precisely to make Superlattice cathode materials safe, environmentally friendly and less expensive.

Superlattice Power recently announced that it has completed the acquisition of equipment from a major US company to achieve final development of advanced lithium-ion batteries and its electrode materials. The advanced equipment will be employed to optimize manufacturing process variables for commercial production. The company has announced previously that they have developed and manufactured electrode materials which have the potential to deliver more energy in electronic devices and UPS systems.

The company’s new equipment will be performing electrochemical analysis and cell manufacturing. Due to the vast potential of new electrode materials developed for portable recharging systems, Superlattice Power has committed to delivering prototype cells to Fortune 500 companies for evaluation of the cells.

The purchase of this new high-tech assembly line fits in with Superlattice Power’s strategy of producing high quality, cost efficient battery products on a large scale. To this end, the company is also developing joint ventures with large companies in the industry globally.

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