The transfer from High Power to High Energy has been the thrust of Superlattice Power since their inception. The stumbling block that commercially manufactured batteries run across is anodes such as carbonaceous materials (either graphite or MCMB) undergo passive layer formation on the surface which limits the cycle life and deteriorates the battery time over the life of the battery. Anodes using silicon or metal oxide aren’t any better in common usage, deteriorating performance over time. Superlattice tackles this crucial issue and developed an innovative series of metallic anodes for utilization along with the proprietary high capacity cathode material.

The company has already enabled large scale production of phase pure cathode material. This translates into the ability to produce all the necessary materials by tailoring their physical properties and chemistry utilizing the abundantly available and less expensive metal elements, thereby improving performance and efficiency.

With more and more consumers looking to drive past the gas pump without worry, Superlattice is in the right industry space at the right time. Their lightweight lithium ion batteries with the new cathode material installed into electric vehicles will be able to travel over 200 miles versus the current 120-140 range.

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