Superlattice Power, Inc., the leader in the development and marketing of next-generation lithium-powered batteries, announced tonight that it has acquired equipment from a major U.S. company to achieve final development of advanced lithium-ion batteries and its electrode materials.

According to the press release, the equipment acquired will used to optimize manufacturing process variables for commercial production. As previously announced by the company, Superlattice Power, Inc. has developed and manufactured electrode materials that have shown potential to deliver more energy in electronic devices and UPS systems. Advanced cathodes have been designed by the company’s scientists to be less expensive, while still utilizing environmentally friendly manganese.

Because of the enormous potential of these new electrode materials, Superlattice Power has committed to sending prototype cells to Fortune 500 companies. The portable lithium-ion battery prototypes will be manufactured at Superlattice Power’s facility in Mooresville and will be supplied for their evaluation.

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