Superlattice Power, Inc., (SLAT.OB), perhaps more than any other company, potentially holds the key to the successful development of an all-electric vehicle that will have the durability and range the public demands. That’s because Superlattice holds the proprietary chemical process for the industrial scale production of specialized high-purity nano cathode materials used in the advanced lithium-ion polymer battery.

The secret behind the super battery is the use of a superior cathode material that has a superlattice molecular structure. This gives the battery a significant new potential for increased energy, hopefully allowing an electric car to go up to 200 miles on a single charge, a major increase over current EV batteries, in addition to operating at a higher voltage range. The new battery is also expected to be safer and less expensive.

Cathode materials are generally the most expensive part of lithium ion batteries, and are found in different crystalline structures including a series of superlattice structures. The superlattice structure of the cathode material allows more lithium to be used, resulting in a higher energy density. The materials used have been carefully selected to ensure that they are safe, environmentally friendly, and more affordable.

Just as important is the fact that the company is also developing the technologies needed to produce the new cathode materials at industrial levels, a requirement for eventual mass production of the battery. Superlattice Power has already been able to turn out approximately 200 kg of the new material in a test run at its production facility in Mooresville, NC.

Besides giving a much needed boost to the all-electric car, the new batteries’ high output will also have applications in the area of uninterrupted power supplies.

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